Artisan Opens Markets to Farmers & Vendors Impacted by BC Forest Fires
July 12, 2017

Artisan Opens its Markets to Farmers and Vendors Impacted by BC’s Forest Fires

We at Artisan Farmers’ Market Society are watching events unfold. Our hearts go out to those who are displaced by the forest fires impacting so many BC communities.

In particular, farmers and farmers’ market vendors can find the markets they produce for and depend on to sell their products may also have been impacted by the fires leaving them without an outlet for often perishable goods. Of course, this can cut into their livelihood.

We are extending an open invitation to any market vendors displaced by the fires and will do our best to accommodate them. If you are a displaced vendor contact

If you are a displaced vendor contact, please complete the Vendor Application Form and mention on your application that you’re “unable to sell at your regular market due to being impacted by the fires”.

BCAFM Header - BC Farmers' Market Association

Our provincial association is also monitoring the situation. To learn more about their response please see: BCAFM Letter to Members Re. BC Forest Fires


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