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Humane Chicken Raising Practices at ‘Fresh Food Nutrition’ Event

Artisan’s #BCbuylocal ‘Fresh Food Nutrition’ event focuses on fresh food nutrition and the compassionate treatment of chicken and livestock. It’s your chance to speak directly with local farmers to understand how the food you are eating is raised, grown, prepared and transported, with care for your consumption. Inhumane Chicken Raising Practices on CBC News With inhumane chicken raising […]

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Food Truck & Food Carts at Artisan Farmers’ Markets

Food trucks are a very popular feature of our Farmers’ Markets. We want to tell you about the popular food trucks and carts you’ll often find at Burnaby Market and Ambleside Market. Mandalay Burmese Kitchen Mandalay Burmese Kitchen serves authentic and fusion Burmese cuisine using the best quality, locally and ethically sourced products. __________________________________________________________ Dolce Amore […]

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#ArtisanFMvendor Photo Contest

Announcing the #ArtisanFMvendor Photo Contest Winner and Runners-Up 1st place: Granville Island Soap Gallery – submitted by Darren Monette 2nd place: Dolce Amore – Submitted by Dolce Amore 3rd place: Jam’ N Music – Submitted by Trisha Gagnon Check out All the #ArtisanFMvendor Photos on Facebook Thanks for your participation #ArtisanFMvendor Photo Contest Announcement Help Your […]

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Get Plugged into Environmental Awareness; Meet Farmers, Beekeepers, and Electronic Vehicle Experts

These days EVs, Electric Vehicles, are often close to the hearts of the environmentally conscious, but you may still have questions or want to take a look at one up close. What about farming practices? How do they play into environmental sustainability? And how about bees? Most of us know the importance of bees to […]

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May 24, 2017

Run Up for Down Syndrome 2017 and Hot Dog BBQ

For the past three years, Artisan Farmers’ Market Society has put its resources to good work, for a good cause, the Run Up for Down Syndrome 2017. This year, for the first time ever, Artisan Farmers’ Market Society will be manning the BBQs, cooking up hot dogs for the crowd.Sunday, June 4th at SFU The event will take […]

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Catch a BUZZ! With “Day of the Honey Bee” at Artisan Markets”

For more information about The Day of the Honey Bee in British Columbia, see the “BC Day of the Honey Bee celebrates 156 years of B.C. beekeeping” on the provincial government’s website. Also see this article: Why Your Family Should Be Helping Bees Archived Article from 2017: “Day of the Honey Bee” is a national day […]

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