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There’s a New Soda Drink in Town and it has a Healthy Twist!

Less than half the sugar!

Canoe Cola founders, Elaine and Cam, were living in Europe last year when they stumbled across a local cola in Germany. They decided right then and there it was time for Vancouver to get its own pop brand! Fast forward to today and Canoe Cola are making craft sodas, hand bottled with love on the West Coast. Each bottle has only 60 calories and less than half the sugar of the average pop.

Canoe Cola Founders

We have Vancouver-made beers, why not soda?

“The local craft beer scene has tons of new options, but pop has more or less stayed the same since I was a kid” says Elaine. “People are increasingly conscious of their sugar intake and find traditional pop too sweet. We formulated our drinks to have the same sugar level as a typical coconut water which is about 5 grams sugar/100 mL. Our goal was to make a sweet refreshing drink that was sweet but not too sweet, and made locally on the West Coast.”

Less than half the sugar of your average pop

Canoe Cola has just 15 grams of sugar compared to the 40 grams a typical pop has! With the sweetness dialled back, the citrus notes and warming spices really come through. Their Fizzy Lemonade is well balanced, a little tart and not too sweet- perfect for a summer’s day.

You can give their hand-bottled West Coast craft sodas a try at Burnaby Farmers Market on May 25, June 1, June 8, June 15, June 22 and at Ambleside Farmers Market May 26, June 2, June 9, June 23

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