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Short answer: no. Artisan Farmers’ Markets does not supply tents, anchors, chairs and tables, so please bring your own.

Long answer: If you are a brand new vendor, market testing your product, you can work with the market manager to find a date on which we can rent you the full setup of tent with anchors, table, table covering and two chairs for $10, tax included.

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We always accept applications from vendors! Please go to artisanmarkets.ca/become-a-ven dor. You may apply anytime and, if accepted, will pay the market approximately $100 for your first day, $50 of which is a annual membership fee.
If you apply early in the year, your $50 membership fee is due by April 15. If you become a new member during the market season, your membership will be due before your first confirmed market date. If you become a new member late in the season, during September or October, your membership will continue through to the end of the next year.

Category: Vendors

Please specify your business name, invoice number and market locations/dates with each payment.

We accept four methods of payment. We do not accept credit cards or debit cards.
INTERAC eTransfer: Send to pay@artisanmarkets.ca with a security question and answer of: What are the initials of the non-profit? AFMS

Vancity Member Transfer:  Specify relationship number 17490797 and Chequing
Cheque or Money Order: Payable to AFMS or Artisan Farmers’ Market Society


Office Address, for Mail and Bookkeeping:
109 – 9259 Edward St., Chilliwack, BC, Canada V2P 4C5

Category: Vendors

Lower pre-pay rates end on Wednesday at 5PM before each weekly market.

For our most committed vendors, who sign up for a full Season Pass at one market, prices are the lowest due to receiving a Season pass discount. All vendors receive a lower pre-pay rate when they’ve paid by 5PM on the Wednesday before a market. And, vendors paying on the day pay the highest price.

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You can pay as soon as you are emailed an invoice, or as late as on the day of a market. Your stall location for a particular date is only listed on our website after you pay.

The sooner you pay, the lower the price. You must pay a membership fee before you setup a stall for the very first time. For weekly fees, it’s your choice – you may pay one day at a time, periodically or for a full season. Each time you pay, you will be issued a new invoice.

Category: Vendors

For products not in direct competition, you are offered available dates matching those for which you applied. There will be one email offering you dates, and another email containing your invoice.

For products already being sold by another, our established vendors have priority for dates. You may not be offered any dates, you may be offered limited dates, or you may be asked to switch dates aor market locations. Very popular artisan items include: jewelry, soap and body products. Very popular food items include: jams, honeys and baked sweets.

Category: Vendors

What happens after I submit my application at artisanmarkets.ca/become-a-vendor?

You wait. Depending upon the time of year, you wait for a shorter or a longer amount of time. While you wait, the market management team is reviewing your application to determine if your products are from BC and if they are in direct competition with products already being sold at our markets on the dates requested.

Category: Vendors

Please go to artisanmarkets.ca/become-a-vendor. It is very important to input the dates on which you’d like to sell. If you do not have everything asked for on this form, that’s okay, submit your date requests first and then you can always come back to this form later.

If your products are confirmed to be made, baked or grown in BC, we will offer you available dates and send you an invoice for these dates. A space is now reserved for you on the dates offered.

Confirm that you want the dates available by paying only your membership fee. You do not need to pay the full invoice in one payment. If you want any changes to the dates, go back to the Vendor Application, click Proceed to Form > Renewal, and follow the steps. If dates are still available, we will offer you a new set of dates and send you a new invoice.

Once paid, your location will be allocated and posted to the online market map. Check the online market map(s) to see your market stall location.

Category: Vendors

Primarily needed by liquor vendors, the Artisan Farmers’ Markets Society Number is: 86172565.

p.s. There’s also a (legacy) number still in use by the liquor board: S-38203.

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Lonsdale V7M 3K7
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