Featured Vendor: JD Naturals - Artisan Farmer Markets
September 24, 2015

Featured Vendor: JD Naturals

JD Naturals1Elena Jansson

JD Naturals started with 100% natural hand-made soaps and pure beeswax candles, which remains at the heart of what I do, but also includes a growing list of skincare and home items. The focus is on quality with everything produced in small batches using food grade, mostly organic ingredients.

I started making my own natural products, as perhaps many others who get into this do, with the idea that I would do this just for my own family so that we could have wholesome products which reflected own values. As I had been looking for ways to eliminate some of the toxins in our home environment the idea that I could produce things myself with the best, “good for us”, ingredients available was very appealing – I had no idea at the time how addictive it would all become!

Pretty soon we had more products than we could use, and I was giving them away as gifts to extended family and friends. I quickly realised that if I wanted to continue creating and developing new ideas I would need to start selling some of what I was making before it took over our home – and it also seemed like a natural choice to share something that I cared about with others. This is my first year doing Farmers’ Markets – as a West Vancouver resident I am really excited to be part of the local markets at both Ambleside and Lonsdale. I hope people will come by to have a look and a sniff, check out our testers, or just say hello! I look forward to meeting everyone!

JD Naturals2

JD Naturals can be found online at:
Phone: 604-281-2213
JD naturals will be at Ambleside this Sunday

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