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September 11, 2015

Featured Vendor: Your Wildest Foods

Your Wildest Foods will be at Lonsdale this Saturday and at Ambleside September 13

Your Wildest Foods1

The foraging business can be quite the adventure. Some days we’ll hike miles through the scorched black remains of last year’s wildfires; packing 70 lbs of morels and trying to beat the setting sun. Some days we’re scaling perilous mountainsides in the pouring rain, loaded up with matsutake mushrooms. Then again, it isn’t all gruel. Sometimes its cool mossy woodlands where golden chanterelles dominate, or springtime lowlands for fresh green fiddleheads. Unpredictability can be the challenge of wild harvesting, but it is also the joy of it. Its what we love.

Your Wildest Foods is the project of Matt Mcallister (There he is all haggard down below) based out of Abbotsford BC. We forage each season’s selection of woodland
delicacies fresh for our farmers markets and deliveries. We also dry and package wild mushrooms, and a collection of unique wild tea blends. If you haven’t yet tasted the butteriness of a chanterelle (pictured above) or the exotic spiciness of a matsutake, then it is quite likely you are missing out.

And if you’ve ever stopped along the trailside for what you think might be among these edible mushrooms, but walked away uncertain- fear not! Identification isn’t so insurmountable as the western world would suggest- it usually just takes a little invested time. Partially we do what we do to provide wild edibles to those who share our excitement over them, but we are also in it to learn and share what we have learned. To help re-establish mushrooms in a culture that is almost alone in mycoilliteracy.


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