Humane and Inhumane Chicken Raising Practices & the BC SPCA

Artisan’s #BCBuylocal ‘Fresh Food Nutrition’ Event

With inhumane chicken raising practices in the news this week, the timing could not be better for you to take a good look at the journey chickens make from egg-to-plate and how they are treated along the way.

Coincidentally, this weekend’s Artisan #BCBuyLocal event is focused on exactly that, how local food makes its way from the farm to your plate and especially the humane treatment of chickens and livestock.

Artisan’s #BCbuylocal ‘Fresh Food Nutrition’ event will focus on fresh food nutrition and humane chicken and cattle raising. It’s your chance to ask the local farmers who grow and make your food, about their farming practices and speak with the BC SPCA to learn about issues like humane chicken and livestock raising practices and certifications.

Artisan’s #BCbuyLocal ‘Fresh Food Nutrition’ is on this weekend and next at the following markets and dates:

  • Lonsdale Artisan Farmers’ Market on Saturday, June 17th

  • Burnaby Artisan Farmers’ Market on Saturday, June 24th

  • Ambleside Artisan Farmers’ Market on Sunday, June 25th

The BC SPCA will be at all three markets listed. Click here to learn more about which vendors will be in attendance at each market.

SPCA CertifiedThe BC SPCA Certified Logo is the Assurance Your Food is Certified by the BC SPCA. The BC SPCA will be attending at all three markets. You’ll be able to ask them about the important role they play in animal care and learn more about humane chicken and livestock raising practices.

There’ll also be Free Giveaways

  • FREE Cookbooks with Chicken Recipes
  • FREE Chicken Salami Packs – 20 per day, to visitors as selected by Rockweld Farm

A Great Reason to Purchase Food at Artisan Farmers’ Markets

You can speak directly with the farmers to understand how the food you are eating is raised, grown, prepared and transported, with care for your consumption and enjoyment. It’s one of the main reasons for you to purchase food at Artisan Farmers’ Markets.

Click here to learn more about the vendors that will be in attendance at each market.


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