Heart and Soul - Artisan Farmer Markets
October 21, 2019

Heart and Soul

Since 2003 “Heart and Soul” has charmed it’s audiences with the accordion’s distinct voice; coaxed into full throated glory  by the practiced hands of Jim and Lynda. They have become a fixture at a manifold of venues across BC – and, in recent years, took a pilgrimage to the cradle of the Castilfideral; Italy. Performing, for them, assuages an appetite for adventure; for new places, new people – and occasionally new accordions; a tangible legacy of their experiences. Although Jim, with a familitairy nurtured  from years of comradeship , claims Lynda has a “bad habit” of indulging in such purchases. Their relationship is an example of the connections music constructs ; with both people, and places- such as the Artisan Farmers Market, of which “Heart and Soul” has frequented for twelve years. 

Their repertoire is diverse; a menagerie of “old time waltzes, polkas, schottisches, sing along favorites, and melodies from around the world.” In short, songs plucked from the wellspring of  bygone days, dusted off, and presented like glimmering relics. Aptly, “Heart and Souls’ most well trod venues are care homes. Where music seeps from their accordions, pure and unencumbered by amplifiers.  “Our lack of technology is what makes us unique,” says Lynda. And, indeed, their sound is gentle, but nevertheless lively. Awakening slumbering memories. Coaxing smiles seemingly plucked from the catacombs of childhood. 

At once such performance, a man – mute for two years – burst into song. His reminsinces revived by the immutable language of music. By a particular ditty that resounded in the crevices of his mind; tugging at faded stories and scrubbing the must away. 

Jim and Lynda’s  music is indubitably steeped in the past. Traced by nostalgia – bloated with memory. Yet Jim contends performing keeps him young.  An anti-aging mechanism that sharpens the senses – and coaxes from dormancy a childlike charisma. In between pieces, Jim lends wittisms to willing listeners, or else invites them to take a seat upon their collection box; a latrine.  “Good time music, good time fun” explains Lynda. Music, indeed, has a tendency to breed happiness in both performer and audience. A vitality that seems to eclipse time – motivating Lynda since her childhood and Jim since his teenage affinity with harmonicas. “We have no grand plans,” says Lynda. Simply to carry on; transforming fading notes on a page – or half forgotten ditties – into something alive and beating. 


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