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December 17, 2016

Holiday Eating: Near and Far 

Dear Artisan Customers, Visitors and Vendors, 

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a festive holiday season and share a few seasonal thoughts on holiday food traditions. Please take a moment to consider how far some of your ingredients will have traveled and how close others can be sourced. In my house, we have fresh-picked kale and green onions from pots right outside the kitchen door, potatoes and garlic grown in the garden, squash grown in Surrey from fall CSA baskets, a turkey from Abbotsford, pomegranates from California and mandarin oranges from Asia.

This month, I was very surprised to be delivering mandarin oranges at my sons’ school courtesy of the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation. At all other times of the year, the Foundation delivers fruit and vegetables grown in BC. So I asked myself why oranges grown over 9,600km away were the produce offered this month. I found out that mandarin oranges have been consumed in Vancouver for the holidays since the 1880s. That’s over 125 years of food history still being enjoyed in my household today.

Reading the info page that came with these oranges helped me understand the long history of shipping oranges from Asia to Canada.

For anyone wanting to see which foods are available locally in December and January in Metro Vancouver, check Farm Folk City Folk’s Seasonal Chart for Metro Vancouver at

If you’re travelling for the holidays, enjoy the time away, be safe and check out the seasonal charts for other areas in BC: Vancouver Island, Okanagan, West Kootenays, Shushwap, and Hwy 16 Region are all linked from

Best wishes,


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