Humane and Inhumane Chicken Raising Practices & the BC SPCA

Humane Chicken Raising Practices at ‘Fresh Food Nutrition’ Event

Artisan’s #BCbuylocal ‘Fresh Food Nutrition’ event focuses on fresh food nutrition and the compassionate treatment of chicken and livestock. It’s your chance to speak directly with local farmers to understand how the food you are eating is raised, grown, prepared and transported, with care for your consumption.

Inhumane Chicken Raising Practices on CBC News

With inhumane chicken raising practices in the news this week, the timing could not be better for you to take a good look at the journey chickens make from egg-to-plate and how they are treated along the way. If you are like most of us, you were appalled at the video that surfaced showing how chickens are being abused at some high-volume chicken factory-style operations, and you don’t want to support these kinds of barbaric practices. CBC News link below)

As experts state in the CBC News article: “It is difficult — if not impossible — to know whether grocery store chicken was ethically raised”. 

Victor Straatman, who founded the Vancouver-based ethical meat company, says the onus of research into how ethical a company falls to the consumer.

“There is a big disconnect here between consumers and local farms,” he said.

(CBC News article and audio listed below)

Humane Chicken Raising Practices

im Humane Chicken Raising

Coincidentally, this weekend’s Artisan #BCBuyLocal event is focused on exactly that, how livestock and other foods make their way from the farm to your plate and especially the humane treatment of chickens and livestock.

Ask the Experts

This Saturday, June 17, at the Lonsdale Artisan Farmers’ Market and next Saturday, June 24, and Sunday, June 25 you can meet the folks from the BC SPCA to learn more about humane chicken raising practices. (see dates of participating markets)

You can speak directly with the farmers to understand how the food you are eating is raised, grown, prepared and transported, with care for you to enjoy. It’s one of the main reasons people purchase fresh food at Artisan Farmers’ Markets.

SPCA Certified

The BC SPCA will be in attendance at all three Artisan ‘Fresh Food Nutrition’ Markets. The SPCA Certified Logo is the Assurance Your Food is Certified by the BC SPCA.


Vendors who will be at the ‘Fresh Food Nutrition’ event

Rockweld Farm

Tim and Flo from Rockwell Farms

  • Burnaby Artisan Farmers’ Market on Saturday, June 24th

  • Ambleside Artisan Farmers’ Market on Sunday, June 25th

Meet Tim and Flo from Rockwell Farms and learn how they raise their humanely treated, non-medicated chickens. Tim’s farm has been SPCA Certified for 15 years.

Tara visited Rockweld Farm in Abbotsford last week and spoke with Tim and Flo about how chickens are raised. They showed her the two-hand hold used to pick up chickens, as required by the BC SPCA. Rockweld Farm sells chicken and eggs at both our Burnaby and Ambleside locations.

We encourage you to stop by the market and ask them about their humane chicken raising practices and what that means to you as a consumer.

Redl’s Home Grown Beef

  • Burnaby Artisan Farmers’ Market on Saturday, June 24th

Barry Redl of Redl’s Home Grown Beef makes the drive from 150 Mile House to our Burnaby Market frequently throughout the summer. He brings a book filled with photos of his cows and can explain how the mother/calf pairs have just gone out to range, living on Crown land and eating grass until coming back to his ranch in October.

Our General Manager, Tara, heard him explain recently that pairing up mother and baby was quite a feat this year, taking an entire day for them to travel to their summer home. Tara is also learning the difference between feedlot and free-range cattle from Barrie. Come talk to him to learn the same!

Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm

  • Ambleside Artisan Farmers’ Market on Sunday, June 25th

Natalie Forstbauer is at Ambleside Artisan Farmers’ Market every Sunday, selling produce and meat from her family’s farm. Tara is looking forward to meeting the Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm cows in Chilliwack, after reading about a visitor milking cows years ago at on the Forstbauer Blog . When Tara was at the Forstbauer Farm, she spoke with Natalie about how the dairy cows next door at a neighbor’s farm live in indoor stalls versus on the land, as the Forstbauer’s cows do. This is another example of all that you can learn about your food by coming to the market.

Get to Know the Farmers Who Grow Your Fresh Foods

At Artisan Farmers’ Markets, you are always welcome to speak directly with the farmers to understand how their animals are raised. It’s one of the main reasons people purchase their fresh foods at Artisan Farmers’ Markets and other farmers’ markets.

Links and Audio:

CBC News – Can consumers make sure chicken was ethically treated?

Vancouver-based ethical meat company

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