Meet the Vendor: Katerina Klimes of Mila Earth Body Care - Artisan Farmer Markets

Meet the Vendor: Katerina Klimes of Mila Earth Body Care

We asked Artisan vendor, Katerina Klimes, to tell us about herself and her business. Here’s what she had to say:

I am a  Confident Chameleon!

I was born in Prague, under the communist hammer. At the age of 7 we took a holiday, and escaped under the watchful eye of semi-automatics over the Yugoslavian border.  We spent a few months in a true refugee camp, and a year and a half in refugee housing. We learned German and started anew. I saw my father after 2 years, when he was released by the communists.  We got into Canada because my amazing Babi sponsored us in 1984: we started anew again. We spent the next few years being dirt poor, while my parents learned the language.

After losing my country, friends, language, house, wealth and my whole extended family, I then lost my own family as I knew it to divorce. My mother always said ,” Fake it until you make it”, and so we did.  My journey continued with several more great losses.

At the age of 30 I moved to Taiwan, away from everyone. It took great confidence in myself to start yet again.   I needed a fresh place to renew myself, away from the past. I had to heal.  With my first pregnancy, I had to look deep into my soul. I needed to make the world better and safer for my children. I started a cosmetics company in Taiwan because no one had what I wanted.  I wanted to heal with real botanicals and magnesium. In a few years I had 800 clients while doing what my heart desired. I grew, I healed and I managed to help others with love.

When we left Taiwan after 13 years, it took a lot of strength to give up community, friends and stability again.  But again, I went and started anew and continued with Mila Earth. I was scared, nervous and terribly broke, but it was nothing because no one had a gun to my head, I had the freedom to say what I wanted, I could move and travel and I had the right to believe my own convictions. Freedom is a gift.  True confidence is earned through courageous acts, by  surviving real hardship,  living becomes the only real choice.

I know I am damaged but my scars grow with love and understanding for human suffering. My friends and clients always tell me how positive I am without knowing the whole sordid story.  It is easy to be positive when you have bread in your tummy, wine in your fridge, a roof over your head and lovely children to take care of that are your own (that no one can take away). I am safe, I am loved, I am blessed: I live.

No one sees the refugee in me, they see a blond, a Canadian. I made it!  I am a confident chameleon.

Now if you would like to meet and chat, please come my way. I am always here and listening.

Reach out to Katerina and Mila Earth Body Care at:

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