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Keep Artisan Ambleside Farmers’ Market in Ambleside!

The City of West Vancouver is recommending the Ambleside market be moved away from the Ambleside waterfront area, where the local public has become accustom to market shopping, for the 2017 and 2018 season and then a move to another location in 2019. It calls for the market to relocate to the area behind the aquatic centre, where there is limited space and limited capacity to handle the additional parking that market visitors and vendor trucks will require. (see map below)

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The Artisan board and management team visited the proposed site last Sunday and experienced difficulty finding parking as the centre was attended to near capacity at the time, during what would be market hours.

Artisan Farmers’ Market Society has strongly expressed its desire to remain in the current location ongoing and has put forth a proposal to address possible concerns.

We encourage you to attend the meeting in support of retaining the current location of Ambleside Market or write the Mayor and Council to express your support. Here is the related information:

Keep Artisan Ambleside Farmers’ Market in Ambleside

Sign the Petition: Petition on

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Please click the Petition link sign this petition to support our request to Council that Artisan Ambleside Farmers’ Market remains in Ambleside Village at its current location, or a nearby block.

Or paste this URL into your bower’s URL bar:

Attend the Meeting: 

Monday, February 6 at 6:00PM
West Vancouver Council Chambers, Municipal Hall, 750 – 17th Street (corner Fulton and 17th Street)

Write to the Council:

Mayor and Council
District of West Vancouver
750 17th Street
West Vancouver BC  V7V 3T3


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