Management Team

Tara Immell, General Manager, Artisan Farmers' Market Society

Tara Immell

General Manager

Tara is a life-long farmers' market customer and remembers visiting markets since  childhood. Tara joined Artisan Farmers' Markets in 2016, volunteering as a grant writer, and became general manager when co-founder Lyn Hainstock retired. 

Tara is excited to be involved with the markets on the North Shore, where she lives, and in Burnaby, where she works. 

She loves working with vendors to build their businesses as this is a real-world extension of teaching finance at Simon Fraser University, which she has been doing since 2002. It's great to both know so many successful small business owners and to help students aspiring to be the same. 


Mahal Langston

Interim Market Manager

Mahal is a Vancouverite and the co-owner of Reward Your Skin.

Before the Artisan Farmers Market, she sold her Artisan handmade soap at local flea markets in the greater Vancouver Area. As a Farmers' Market vendor, she noticed a community growing within Artisan Farmers' Market and wanted to be a part of it.

By day she’s a computer tech, fixing the tech issues of the world. Her creative side appears when she’s mixing batches of soaps and creating wonderful whiffs. “Our skin is the largest organ on our body and I think we should take care of it!” She exclaims.

Mahal loves shopping at the Farmers' Market and going home to cook with all her goodies. Coming from an IT support background, she loves to help people and looks forward to helping the Farmers' Markets grow by promoting the market through Social Media.