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Sponsorships & Memberships




Friends of Artisan Farmers’ Market Supported

  • Friend of the Market $25 / year
  • Family $45 / year

Society Membership $50 / year

Sponsorship Packages:

Social Media Posts

  • 3 platforms (1 Market) $195
  • 6 platforms (2 Markets) $350
  • 9 platforms (Society Wide) $450

Newsletter Sponsorship Packages:

  • Feature Story in one weekly edition
  • A post on up to 9 Social Media Platforms
  • Listing on ArtisanMarkets.ca with link
  • A blog post with Link to your website $495

Market Day Sponsor – 1 market: $750 / day

Market Day Sponsor – 2 markets: $1,300 / day

Market Day Sponsor – 3 markets: $1,900 / day

  • Includes Newsletter Sponsor Package
  • Place your Sandwich Board Sign at Market Entrance or Strategically
  • Market Tent for one Market Day (you supply signage, brochures etc.)

Promotional Sponsorship 

– Each include one Newsletter Sponsorship Package “Thanks for supporting us”

  • 4,000 Local Supporter Co-Branded Market Mailers $1,700
  • Market Truck Sponsor $2,000 / month
  • Community Tent Sponsor $250 / market (min 4)
  • Entertainment Sponsor $250 per market / day (min 4)

Payment Methods:

INTERAC eTransfer: Send to pay@artisanmarkets.ca with a security question and answer of:

What are the initials of the non-profit?

AFMS  or AFMS19 if your financial institution needs numbers used as well.

Vancity Member Transfer:  Specify relationship number 17490797 and Chequing

Cheque or Money Order: Payable to AFMS or Artisan Farmers’ Market Society

Credit Card Online Payments: Please contact pay@artisanmarkets.ca and ask for for individual authorization if you need to pay on-line by credit card since the cost to the market is 3%. Do not provide us your credit card number via email.

If you would like more information, call us at: 604-357-4796


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