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Featured Vendor: TLC Cozy Bags

Thu PhamTLC Cozy Bags Thu Pham:  It all started with my  friend Lisa giving me a hot/cold pad as a present 9 years ago.  My family loved using it so much that I asked her to teach me how to sew and the two of us got into making them to sell at farmers markets and craft fairs soon after that Christmas.  Hence the name TLC Cozy Bags (for Thu & Lisa’s Caring Cozy Bags).

The all natural therapeutic hot/cold pads come in various sizes, fabric designs and shapes.  They are filled with whole wheat, lavender blossoms or flax seeds (for unscented type). All are made with fun, functional and funky patterns which  make them all unique.

Presently going into my ninth year of sewing, I’ve continued on with the work for the past 6 years as a one-woman-show. The products have evolved over the years into a more creative and multi-functional way. I love making cozies (and aprons too) because the process offers a creative yet practical channel in my work besides providing a natural remedy to give comfort and relief to people’s body aches and pain. In addition, the fabric patterns used in making the cozies and aprons can give people a sense of connection to their preference in colours,
themes, artistic sense, personal expression and experiences.

The added wonderful part of my work is that I’m glad to be able to offer something that is affordable, practical yet fun and appealing to people of all ages. (And I hope they sell like “hot cakes” or like goodies we always find at our local farmers markets!)

For more information please contact
thupham@telus.net or call Phone: 604 377 1232

TLC Cozy Bags & Aprons will be at Lonsdale on Saturday & Ambleside on Sunday

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