How do I apply to become a vendor? - Artisan Farmer Markets

How do I apply to become a vendor?

Please go to It is very important to input the dates on which you’d like to sell. If you do not have everything asked for on this form, that’s okay, submit your date requests first and then you can always come back to this form later.

If your products are confirmed to be made, baked or grown in BC, we will offer you available dates and send you an invoice for these dates. A space is now reserved for you on the dates offered.

Confirm that you want the dates available by paying only your membership fee. You do not need to pay the full invoice in one payment. If you want any changes to the dates, go back to the Vendor Application, click Proceed to Form > Renewal, and follow the steps. If dates are still available, we will offer you a new set of dates and send you a new invoice.

Once paid, your location will be allocated and posted to the online market map. Check the online market map(s) to see your market stall location.

Bernie Glemas

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