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Vendor Tips for Publicizing Your Message to the Artisan Farmers’ Market Community

The Artisan Farmers’ Market Community wants to hear about your business and products.

Here are a few tips to help you and your business, as a currently registered AFMS vendor, deliver your message to Artisan Farmers’ Market Society’s online community.

Next time you renew your application or apply a new, assure your profile contains:

  • your company name spelt correctly for republishing
  • your website address
  • your social media links
  • a brief description (preferably in the third person) suitable for republishing on social media and in the Artisan Community Newsletter
  • a few photos of you and your product suitable for us to post online

Have some interesting news or valuable information to share?

  • We’ll publish suitable articles for our blog and broadcast them in our newsletter.
  • If you have something interesting to say, want to write an article about it, and can provide 2 or 3 supporting images, email or call Bernie to let him know what you have in mind, before writing it. If you’ve already written it, please send it along. Remember, it should be uniquely written for the Artisan Blog.
  • Articles we publish will receive a free link to your website

If you publish an interesting social media post or blog post you feel is worth sharing, email Bernie to ask him to share it.

Comment on, Like, and Share Artisan Markets’ posts on your social media.

Use Artisan Markets’ #Hashtags and @UserNames when you tell your audience which market you will be at.


#BurnabyFarmersMarket #BurnabyArtisanFarmersMarket

#AmblesideFarmersMarket #AmblesideArtisanFarmersMarket

#LonsdaleFarmersMarket #LonsdaleQuayFarmersMarket #LonsdaleArtisanFarmersMarket


Facebook usernames: @BurnabyArtisan @AmblesideArtisan @LonsdaleArtisan

Twitter usernames: @BurnabyArtisan @AmblesideArtisa @LonsdaleArtisan

Instagram usernames: @burnabyfarmersmarket @amblesidefarmersmarket @lonsdalequayfarmersmarket

Connect to and like Artisan Markets’ Social Media Profiles and Posts.

  • One of the quickest ways to access all Artisan Markets’ Social Media is to click the icons at the bottom of our website:

Please note that you must be a current Artisan Market vendor to be publicized on the Artisan network and vendors with the greatest number of market dates booked will be prioritized in most cases.

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